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Professional salon products are concentrated and only need to be used sparingly to make your investment lasts. LouLou Hair salon offers a professional line-up of hair care products including LOREAL, SEBASTIAN and NIOXIN to mention a few.

Your hair shaft is morbid, the hair follicle under the scalp is alive, keeping this healthy can help your hair stay manageable. There are many professional hair care products which are designed to help manage specific hair conditions.

With the right product, you can reduce oily hair, manage dandruff and dry scalp problems . You can coat the hair shaft to get that smoother silky feel and protect against styling processes. You can lock-in colour reducing colour fade. You can thicken the hair shaft to give your hair body and a fuller appearance. And if you are undergoing medical treatment which may be causing your hair to fall out or thin, the NIOXIN range may be suitable for you.

A LouLou professional will help you choose which combination of shampoo, conditioner and treatments are suitable for your hair type and to understand why and how it should be used.

Coming soon the The Lou Lou Online store.

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